Executive Management Team

Craig Greenslit

Craig Greenslit

President & CEO

Craig has been working at TANCO since 2002 in the roles of Project Manager, CFO, and currently the President & CEO for the last 5 years. He has a passion to serve TANCO’s clients and seeing everything done with excellence.

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Raymond McIsaac, CPA, CMA

Raymond McIsaac, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer

Raymond brings over 20+ years of financial experience to the TANCO team. He has been with TANCO since 2014 and currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer.

(970) 776-4214
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Chad M. Derringer

Chad M. Derringer

Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Chad is the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at TANCO and is an experienced and effective leader, having close to 30 years of service in the new construction and repair of above ground storage tanks.

(970) 776-4225
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Ted Webber

Ted Webber

Vice President Field Operations

Ted brings 20 years of experience in the tank maintenance and construction industry. He has been with TANCO since 2018 and currently serves as the Vice President of Field Operations.

(970) 776-4231
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Keegan Maloney

Keegan Maloney

Vice President Business Development and Fabrication

As Vice President, Keegan brings expertise in product, sales, estimating, budget development, safe work practices, and more to the TANCO team. He has been with the company since 2014.

(970) 776-4211
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Management Team

Paul lobello

Executive Specialist

Paul has been with TANCO since 1996 and exceeds 40 years of experience relating to above-ground storage tank construction and repair. Paul currently oversees special executive matters, including contract, legal, and safety management functions.

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Adam Tussey

Operations Manager

Adam has over 30 years of demonstrated history of working in the tank repair and construction industry. He has a passion for doing excellent work while never compromising safety or quality.

(970) 776-4206
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Daniel Pyewell

Technical / Engineering Manager

Working in the above ground storage tank industry for over 15 years, Daniel brings expertise in structural engineering of storage tanks for bulk liquid products.

(970) 776-4227
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Josh Flock, PE

Senior Project Manager

Josh is responsible for technical support, bidding projects, structural design, and project management. He has served on the TANCO team since 2014.

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Shawn Gochenour

Senior Project Manager

Shawn currently resides in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area. In addition to holding is PMP and API 653 Certifications, Shawn brings close to 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry to the TANCO team.

(970) 776-4207
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Jeff Biggar

Manager, Federal Fuels

Jeff is a well-known Federal Fuels professional with over 35 years in the industry. Jeff brings extensive experience in the management of Federal Fuels projects across the United States and Internationally.

(970) 776-4208
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Elise Winslow

Business Development Manager

Based in Houston Texas, Elise is a results-oriented professional with many years of experience in an EPC business development capacity. Elise has the proven ability to develop and establish strong enterprise relationships.

(970) 776-4215
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Bruce Frederiksen

Safety Director

Bruce first worked at TANCO from 1980 to 1994 as a welder, lead person, and then field supervisor.  He returned in 2008 and brings a wide variety of knowledge and skills to the team.  He currently serves as the Safety Director for TANCO.

(970) 776-4205
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Chad Hockenbury, CHST

Safety Manager

Chad is a Board Certified Safety Professional and is the current Safety Manager at TANCO.  Chad brings extensive experience in occupational safety and health and has been with the TANCO team since 2016.

(970) 776-4224
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Dale Davidson

Fabrication Manager

Dale has been with Tanco for over 30 years and manages the day-to-day operations in the fabrication shop and is experienced in all facets of steel plate processing, welding automation, and controls.

(970) 776-4217
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Jack Collins

Quality Manager

Jack brings over 30 years of experience and has been with TANCO since 1984. He is an API 653 Certified Inspector, while also holding his CWI and QCI certifications.

(970) 776-4210
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